Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alive After Five!

Many of us thought Dallas' Game 4 win in Dallas was merely a goodbye present for the Stars' '08 season, but apparently the players felt otherwise! The Wings had nearly twice as many shots, and won twice as many faceoffs, but the famous Toby Petersen/Joel Lundqvist line produced the game-winner, and the series lives on. What no longer lives on is a pair of brutal streaks -- 10 straight playoffs losses in Detroit for the Dallas/Minnesota franchise dating back to 1993, and a career winless streak at the Joe by Turco.
What does Game 6 hold? Will we return to Detroit on Wednesday? If memory serves a certain Franchise warned Penguins fans just a few days ago to look out for the Wings' assault. Methinks Detroit has bigger concerns on its mind right now!

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The Franchise said...

I am concerned but not panicked... yet. You kind of figured that in order for the Stars to make it a series, Turco would have to steal them a game, and he certainly did that today, making a boatload of saves and assisting on the game winner to boot. We've certainly learned something about the Stars in Games 4 and 5, now we'll learn something about the Wings in Game 6...