Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Classic Night for all Dudes

In a night where the Stars staved off elimination, in spite of the Franchise sitting just feet away from his beloved Red Wings, the most memorable moment was reserved for Committee Hall of Famer and legend .... MODANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Having relinquished a 1-0 lead less than a minute into the third period, Dallas drew a power play, and seconds in, Modano camped out in the slot, took a feed from Sergei Zubov, and blasted a one-timer over Osgood's shoulder for the game winner. It was the 58th career playoff goal for all-time American leading scorer ... and the first witnessed live by Committee members. Dallas lives to see another day, and Franchise heads back to Pennsylvania with an unused broom.

Modano lines up at the faceoff circle, late in the third quarter.

Modano skates back to the bench after giving Dallas the lead. Franchise cringes when the goal scorer is announced.


The Dude said...

classic playoff beard Franchise... classic

The Franchise said...

Absolutely! That's a tradition I can get behind, though the wife is not so fond.

The Dude said...

head dude, this is america, not china - stop censoring posts