Friday, May 02, 2008

The Clemens Saga

I thought about this the other day with the recent revelations concerning a country singer I've never heard of, a real estate agent in Arizona, and the former wife of John Daly - but has any athlete fallen faster and harder from grace than Roger Clemens. He's gone from a sure fire first-ballot HoFer in the running for the greatest pitcher of all time to a lying cheater and philanderer. It's hard to imagine that he played for two Dude teams, yet has wound up, as I would imagine, as one of the more despised baseball players among the Dude Committee.


Head Dude said...

Yeah, it's interesting to compare it to Bonds, because hatred of Bonds has built up over years of surliness and suspected steroid use, whereas for Clemens this all kind of happened quickly in the last year. Before that, he was beloved and considered the greatest power pitcher of his time, and one of the greatest of all time.
Frankly, I never much liked Clemens and always thought he was too hot around the collar and not worth the annual will-he-or-won't-he-return saga and ability to just show up in May or June.
So I have no problems with all of the steroid and philandering stories coming to light and permanently ruining his reputation. Like most great athletes, he thought he was better than everyone and could get away with anything. No soup for you!

The Franchise said...

I also have never liked Clemens, but like other athletes I could name (*cough* *cough* T.O. *cough), I was forced to root for him for a bit when he became an Astro. Not any more! Here's hoping he fades into irrelevancy as Bonds seems to be doing.