Monday, May 19, 2008

Farewell to Oz

In the end, it was a series without any real bad blood, and without tremendous question as to who would be the victor. But in the middle, it brought us some great moments (Modano from the slot!) and showed off the skill of Detroit's forwards. So Dallas concludes an unquestionably successful season, while Detroit heads off in pursuit of its ultimate goal, cashing in after 5 years of disappointing finishes by proving itself to be the best in the West without dispute. The Campbell Bowl was finally handed to Lidstrom in Dallas ... just a few days later than the Franchise would've preferred! Mazel tov.


The Franchise said...

Not actually handed to him, as superstition prevents players from touching the conference championship trophies. I do find it interesting that Nik Lidstrom will be the first European-born captain to win the Cup if the Red Wings prevail.

Good series Head Dude. Your team showed plenty of heart, and hopefully Turco got some of the monkey off his back with that win in Game 5. I always thought he got a little too much of the blame for some of the Stars' playoff losses and not enough credit for the wins.

Head Dude said...

You can tell I changed the channel to NO/SA when the trophy was unveiled.
It was probably better that Detroit won handily in Game 6, so there were no what-ifs when it was all said and done. I like our future with emerging young D-men, a goalie who is now without many critics, and a gutsy core of veterans. Of course, the flip side of getting to the conference finals is it creates expectations. And we know Detroit will be back next year, with the Ducks and Sharks still strong, so you want to cash in when the chances are there ... expectations the Wings will face in just a few days.

The Franchise said...

I saw ESPN already picked the Wings to lose in seven. I give the Pens the advantage in raw offensive talent, depth and probably goaltending, though Fleury has never played on this stage. The Wings seem to have a big edge on the blueline, and if they get Johan Franzen back, should have more gritty players who can also score. I'm thinking that makes this one a toss-up.

The Dude said...

Theo Fleury may not have played in the Stanley Cup before (didn't he used to play for the Canadiens?), but he has battled back from cancer - and that counts for something.