Sunday, May 18, 2008

Head Dude's New Hero?

We all know how much Head Dude loved Barbaro, the fallen champion from a few years ago. So it's somewhat surprising he hasn't checked in with any thoughts on America's new sweetheart, Big Brown.

The colt named after everyone's favorite shipping company turned in another dominating performance yesterday at the Preakness and has tons of people throwing out semi-ridiculous comparisons to Secretariat. In case you missed it, jockey Kent Desormeaux simply held down Big Brown's turbo button (the triangle button on your PS3 controller, I think) down the far stretch and he easily outdistanced Macho Again and Icabad Crane.

Sadly, Big Brown didn't make the horseplayers of the world too much money, as he went off at 1-5 odds and returned just $2.40 for a $2 win bet. DudeSpin correspondent The Franchise fared no better using him up top on exacta and trifecta bets (just like 99.9 percent of the public) thanks to crappy performances by Kentucky Bear and early pacesetter Gayego.

To hear thoroughly unlikeable trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. tell it, the Triple Crown is all but wrapped up. Ah, but not so fast: a potential spoiler lurks in the form of sure to be DudeSpin favorite, Casino Drive. Aside from the obvious gambling name, he's an import from the Far East, just like 37.5 percent of the Committee.


The Dude said...

when did the Franchise become a horse racing expert?

Head Dude said...

In fact, Head Dude is not a big fan of Big Brown, through know fault of the horse. But instead, you alluded to the thoroughly unlikeable trainer, Dutrow, and I don't like what I've seen out of the owners. I know little about horse racing folks, but I do know that the Big Brown continued to whoop it up and celebrate, including in TV interviews, after it was clear Eight Belles had broken down in the Derby. As Undude would say, they need to show some class, but apparently have none. The owner of the horse that won the Preakness two years ago at least had the sense to say in the winner's circle, after Barbaro had broken down, that nobody had won that day and it was sad for all, etc. etc. The Big Brown team would have none of that after this year's Derby.
So come June 7, I'll be rooting for Casino Drive. Need any extra incentive Team Asia? Read this:

"Number one, he looks like a nice horse," Dutrow said of Casino Drive. "Number two, I believe that he can't beat our horse. So all the Japanese people are going to come over here, they thought Godzilla was dead. They're going to find out he's not dead. He's here."

The Dude said...

i would have thought the Undude wrote that last comment considering Head Dude's "know fault of the horse" slip.

The Franchise said...

The Franchise has many hidden talents!

Seriously though, since I work at a casino that is also a racetrack, I'm a lot more in tune with the horse racing world. And while the sport is clearly in decline and somewhat shady to boot, it does have one positive thing going for it: betting on horses is apparently the easiest way to get comps from the Las Vegas casinos!