Monday, May 05, 2008

High Drama in Big D

I don't know if any Dudes besides me are still awake to see it - and since I work third shift, I'm in it for the duration - but the Stars, trying not to blow what once was a 3-0 series lead, are headed to a fourth OT in Game 6 with the Sharks.

You've got to hand it to the Dallas fans, as it doesn't look like any of them have left. Plenty of towels still waving in the third OT too.

Head Dude, I can't book a flight until I know the Wings are actually going to be playing the Stars!

Update: Morrow wins it in the 4th OT! Now get the conference schedule finalized NHL!


Head Dude said...

I made it up through three OTs, but couldn't go any further with work beckoning. It was close to being the worst of all worlds -- just getting to the second round made this a successful season, but they were no longer playing with house money up 3-0, and a collapse would've been catastrophic. I'm just glad Game 1 was bumped back to Thursday from Tuesday -- must've been a 4 am switch by the league.
Bring on the Wings!!!

The Franchise said...

I think it was to ensure both series would have Game 2's on the weekend to air on NBC. In any case, I have Tuesday and Wednesday nights off, and Game 4 is set for next Wednesday in Big D. So... what say you Head Dude?

The Dude said...

what is this "sport with the puck" that you speak of?

The Franchise said...

Come on Dude, your favorite team won Lord Stanley's Cup just last season!

Head Dude said...

Let's just say I'm now the proud owner of two saucy lower-level seats for Game 4!

Big Daddy said...

I am just itchin for the Dudespin exclusive report from game 4.
Will it be posted by the winning or losing team's chief Dudespin fan?