Friday, May 02, 2008

Magic Number at 1 ... and another Plumlee is coming

It's safe to say the Wings will be heavy favorites assuming Dallas finishes off San Jose, and last night's drubbing of the Avs only enhanced Detroit's reputation. But we'll still have the ghosts of Darcy Wakaluk and Bob Bassen on our side!

In other news, Stanford and Johnny Dawkins' loss is Duke's gain ... a big man is coming to Duke next year, and a seemingly pretty good one at that. The fact we'll have two 6-10 white dudes named Plumlee in 2009 may not excite the masses just yet, but when you're lacking any interior depth, we'll happily take it!

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Anonymous said...

Obviously the chance to get coached up by Wojo was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I loved your Clintonian tactic there by the way Head Dude. You lower expectations for your Stars so that even if they fail, you can claim a victory.

Well played...well played indeed