Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mike Ribeiro Draws Second Blood

This is the primary reason that I can never get into hockey - stupid extra-curricular, and silly, machismo stuff that is just a regular part of the game. You have extracurricular stuff in other sports as well - but not as an accepted and normal part of the game like it is in hockey. That's a reason why hockey is the fringe sport at the butt end of many jokes (no pun intended) that it is today.


HD said...

Actually Dude, the fact it's the most talked about part of yesterday's game shows that it's not normal and accepted. And the fact Ribeiro may get suspended (even though he shouldn't because Osgood instigated!), show it's not normal and accepted.
By contrast, last week Jason Kidd clotheslined Chris Paul, threatening to cause severe injury, and wasn't even fined. Wiping out a guy on a fast break is normal and accepted in the NBA, even though it almost led to TJ Ford being paralyzed.
Much like horse collar tackles in NFL, which almost led to a career-ending injury for Donovan McNabb, are normal and accepted.
Violence happens in all three sports, and outside of the headline-generating plays (like what happened to Avery), there is no more malice in hockey than football or basketball. Doesn't Bruce Bowen try and land under players every time they shoot, and doesn't Chris Paul always stick his leg out to trip players? And isn't that normal and accepted?
Methinks you're looking for a way to try and diminish hockey when two other dudes are watching their teams battle (well, hard to call it a battle at 2-0) for a spot in the Finals. Hockey obviously is the least popular of the four major sports, but the fact it's not made-for-tv and inanely had a strike last a year is much more the reason than a cross check at the end of a heated playoff game. If violence was the problem, the NFL wouldn't be the most popular league in the U.S.

HD said...

Dude, does this make you hate the NBA too?

Turiaf ejected for flagrant foulUpdated: May 11, 2008, 3:22 PM EST SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Lakers forward Ronny Turiaf was ejected early in the second quarter of Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Jazz on Sunday for a flagrant foul.

Turiaf knocked Utah's Ronnie Price hard to the floor as Price drove for a layup, leaving the Jazz guard with a bloody gash over his right eye.

Turiaf came down hard with his left arm and Price went straight down and banged his head on the court. Price leaped straight up as his teammates swarmed the officials and pushed for the flagrant call. Utah coach Jerry Sloan also came off the bench immediately after the play.

The officials conferred and kicked out Turiaf, who got a lecture from Lakers coach Phil Jackson on his way to the locker room.

Thad is Rad said...

Does Tecmo Bowl have a fighting mode? Does Baseball Stars? Does Double Dribble? No, no, and no.

The dude is right. Fighting is clearly an accepted part of hockey, much more so than any other sport, as demonstrated in both Ice Hockey and Blades of Steel. To say otherwise is stupid.

Now, this clearly isn't hockey's biggest problem, and for many it seems to be a big draw. But Head Dude's comparison to the NBA is absurd.

HD said...

I think the Dude was referring to cheap shots, which do happen almost as much in the NBA as NHL. Obviously hockey has fighting -- that's just a part of the game since its inception, but it's the silly stuff the Dude was blasting, and I don't really think that happens much more in hockey, especially given that dudes are on skates and carrying sticks. Try the NFL for a game with that. In football, linemen beat the crap out of each other, but it's just part of the game, like checking in hockey.
And obviously you've never discovered the secret fighting moves in Double Dribble.