Monday, May 05, 2008

Now Accepting Nominations

I just received the following email from the head of the Duke AD Search Committee. With the most pertinent aspects highlighted in italics. In order to get our Dude Committee+Big Daddy candidacy before the committee, we need some sort of a combined c.v. Not to toot our own horn, but we tout: (1) connection to the university; (2) racial and ethnic diversity; (3) commitment to non-revenue sports; (4) legal training; (5) an educator's training; and (6) casino management (wait, is that helpful?). What else could Duke possibly ask for??


Dear [Dude],

As recently announced by President Richard Brodhead, a search committee has been formed to identify outstanding candidates for the position of Director of Athletics. I accepted the President's invitation to chair this committee because I know the vital role Athletics plays in the life of the university. Vice President and University Secretary Richard Riddell is committee vice-chair and serving with us are: trustees Carol (Cookie) Kohn, John Mack, and Clarence G. Newsome; faculty James Coleman and Kathleen Smith; members of the athletic department Jon Jackson and Kerstin Kimel; alumni Kip Frey and Sue Harnett; and university administrator Tallman Trask. The committee's charge is to present to the President a short list of highly qualified candidates.

As the search committee begins its review of candidates' credentials, we must clearly define Duke's needs and determine the type of leader who is best suited to help us achieve our goals. I write now to ask you to share your thoughts about the challenges and opportunities that you believe Duke Athletics will face in the coming decade. We also encourage your suggestions about specific qualifications you believe candidates should have for dealing with the challenges ahead.

The committee will conduct a comprehensive national search to identify a diverse pool of outstanding candidates. We welcome your thoughts about individuals who are well qualified to fill this important position, because we know that our best sources of nominations are those who are closest to the University. Nominations should, when possible, be accompanied by a profile or curriculum vitae. In order to meet our timetables, we ask that you respond by May 15th. Your correspondence, which will be held in the strictest confidence, should be sent to or the following address:

Director of Athletics Search Committee Box 90030Durham , NC 27708-0030

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the search committee.

Roy J. Bostock '62, Trustee Emeritus


Big Daddy said...

I already have an "academic" CV we could use as a template, and with the comments The Dude has already made (as well as others), it should be no problem to tweak it, so that it is more suitable for the A.D application. I also like to add my coaching experience, which would help highlight our commitment to non-revenue (as well as revenue sports)

High school Varsity Boys Basketball Asst, 1 year
High school Varsity Fencing (Boys and Girls)Co-head, 1 year
High School Varsity Boys and Girls Tennis Associate Head, 2 years.
Virtual Asst Coach JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball, 5 years (since I was like one of 3 fans who showed up to the games)
Oh I also forgot one year of Assoc Head JV Soccer.

Plus I was in tight with the ADs so I know the ins and outs of how to run a program.

With the collective experience and expertise of Dudespin I think we could revolutionize the position of AD. What say you?!!

Big Daddy said...

And oh I think the casino management definitely is a good thing and frankly is key. It shows that we know how to handle money.