Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your Move, Chan Ho

Last night, one of the Dude Committee's favorite sidenotes returned in a dramatic way to the baseball field. Fernando Tatis, forever known as the man who went granny twice against Chan Ho Park in one inning back ages ago, returned to baseball after a two year hiatus and announced his return in a big way last night with a walk-off two run double.

What will be next? Todd Marchant returning to the NHL and going five hole against Eddie the Eagle?? Sims Lenhardt finding a place on an NFL roster and booting a game-winning field goal over the outstretched hands of special-teamer Chike Egbunewe?


HD said...

Actually, Todd Marchant is still playing in the NHL, but I too got a kick out of seeing Fernando's return. You know he started out with the Rangers?

Nick Tylwalk said...

I can confirm that Todd Marchant is alive and well, and he played this season for what used to be The Dude's favorite team before he decided it was more fun to make fun of hockey, the Ducks.

Despite scoring only nine goals in 75 regular season games, Marchant did put in a pretty decent effort against the Stars in the playoffs, scoring in both of Anaheim's wins in the series.