Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Dude Title

Perhaps it's because the most active of bloggers, the Dude and I, haven't come close to sniffing a title since the Astros and Mavs several years ago, but meanwhile other dudes continue to walk off with world championships, the lastest tonight as the Celtics capped off a remarkable turnaround with title #17. On top of the Sox' World Series, Wings' Cup, and Patriots almost-Super Bowl, its been quite a year for several of us. And by "us", I mean not me! But it was good to see Kobe go down.

And I guess there's only one victory the Dude and I want this year ... and it won't come until November.
[Dude's Edits] Unlike past Boston titles, this was one team from whom you could legitimately root. Whether it was the youthful exuberance of a Rajon Rondo, or the all-encompassing force that is Kevin Garnett, I was pleased that the Boston Three Party had such a joyful ending. It is a rarity that a Boston team is actually likeable - but this was perhaps the only one.

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