Monday, June 09, 2008


The Triangle's favorite hipster, liberal fishwrap "The Independent" blindsided Cut's Crew this week with the deplorable "comic" above. It seems that VC Rogers has backed off, and in doing so, has made a very powerful enemy. DudeSpin readers, I encourage you to boycot all the hipster clubs that advertise in "The Independent" until Mr. Rogers leaves this neighborhood.

In other Duke Football news, Duke's aggressive season ticket marketing campaign has hit a new level... some of Durham's city busses (a good place to get maimed) now have giant pictures of Coach Cutcliffe on the side as he reminds you, Duke Football: A Whole New Ballgame. I hope one of those busses runs over VC Rogers.

Lastly, Duke's first two games are set to kickoff at 7. I have long believed that Duke would benefit from more night games. Students tend to come out in greater numbers (they're no longer hung over from Friday and you can watch the game before that night's binge) and the atmosphere tends to be more exciting when fans aren't dying from the heat and additional sun reflected from empty bleachers. So if we can only keep Thad out of the liquor cabinet, this could be an exciting year


The Dude said...

How do I "boycot"?

ThadisRad said...

Dude, your corrections of my typos are as lame and predictable as your pansy-ass arthouse documentary reviews.

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