Monday, June 30, 2008

Legitimate Left-Wing Concerns About Obama

Arianna Huffington wrote a decent column today that voiced concerns many liberals have been feeling the last few weeks. Namely, is Obama making too sharp of a turn to the middle to appease swing voters at the risk of losing his brand? His statements on the Supreme Court's gun-control ruling, FISA wiretapping, and NAFTA have sounded less like a voice of hope and more like a typical politician. Don't get me wrong, he shouldn't sound like a weak-kneed latte-sipping liberal from Seattle either, but there's a balance, and perhaps he's racing a little too much to the middle. The risk is he loses the belief from voters that he does what he thinks is right, rather than what's politically expedient. Any successful politician has to do some of the latter, but his appeal is doing more of the former. I recognize the Dude will respond to this with a campaign slogan, but the last few weeks have been a reminder that at the least, you wish the campaign season could go on vacation for a month to give us all a break.

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