Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lunching with David Axelrod

I attended a fundraiser with David Axelrod today. Originally scheduled for the backyard of someone's house, the event was moved to a theater hall when the attendees of the $250 event outstripped the capacity of someone's house to host.

In a 75 minute discussion and Q&A session, Axelrod paid tribute to Hillary's campaign and rhetorically rolled out the red carpet for Clinton supporters (the luncheon had been preceded by a $750 "private strategy session" with former Clinton doners) before moving into the substantive Q&A portion. Some highlights:

- mum on Veep pick - though he hinted that Obama would select somone with similar capabilities to transcend traditional partisan politics and effectuate change. In a predictable nod to Clinton, Axelrod mentioned that he had already talked extensively about one potential candidate earlier (Clinton).

- the creation of a website ( devoted bring truth to light to help address the viral emails of untruths about Barack that are spreading like wildfire.

- In a nod to the racially motivated smears, Axelrad hinted that the campaign will soon roll out campaign material and biographical advertisements highlighting Barack's late-mother and her side of the family.

- the campaign is sending staffers to all 50 states, and implementing an unprecedented voter registration drive nation wide. Although certain states are obviously more battleground states where they will have concentrated ad-buys, the campaign will closely monitor registration efforts and poll movements in other states, including Texas.

- Axelrod appeared to choke up a bit when asked about the smears of Barack's alleged anti-semitism in the Jewish community. Axelrod said that, as a son of Jewish parents who escaped Jewish persecution in eastern Europe, he would not be devoting his life to get Barack elected if he wasn't convinced of Barack's positions toward Israel.

*the Veepstakes profiles will return tomorrow.

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Head Dude said...

I guess you saved me the money. Axelrod was in Dallas for the same fundraiser Wednesday, and the same thing happened -- it was supposed to be at a supporter's house, and then got moved to a downtown hotel ballroom. Unfortunately, when I tried to sign up Monday afternoon, it was already sold out. At least that gives hope that there's enough demand for Obama to come down for a fundraiser, though I assume you'd have to add a zero onto the minimum contribution to get into that one.