Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Team Asia's newest threats?

Apparently, Ricky Price and the Franchise share one thing in common -- a love of basketball ... in the Philippines!


Big Daddy said...

Where to begin...

1. I wonder if the refs knew to give Ricky that first step (if they don't call traveling in the NBA, surely they don't call it in the PBA right?)
I still contend that he never traveled he was just too fast for the refs to see.

2. Was the PBA the "dumping" ground for all former Blue Devils?

3. You gotta love the guy trading the Iverson card to get Carrawell's... where else would that happen (though the reasoning is sound...when would this kid ever see Iverson play)

4. How did Nate James becoming an assistant coach at Duke slip through the collective wisdom, knowledge and might of Dudespin? I'm not sure what I think about it. I loved Nate so good for him and he's gotta be better with bigs than Wojo but I still would have liked someone outside the family who was a "big guy" specialist if you will.

5. I'll end where I started... with Ricky Price of course. Now that he's an agent, does this mean that I missed my opportunity to buy a car from him down in Charlotte???

Head Dude said...

As to point 4, I agree wholeheartedly, though perhaps I knew from the outset that K was going to stay in house with a yes man. It's no coincidence our dynasty was at its finest with Gaudet coaching the likes of Laettner.
As to point 5, I wondered the same myself. Perhaps he's doing both?