Saturday, June 07, 2008

Veepstakes Profile No. 1: Hillary Clinton

Over the next week or so, DudeSpin will endeavor to bring you brief capsules on the individuals whose names are being bandied about as the vice-presidential running-mate for Barack Obama. The candidates will all be subjectively scored in four criteria: ideological similarity, added electability, risk (higher score indicates lower risk), and intangibles.

Pros: She brings her 18 million voters (yes, we've all heard about those $18 million) and a fundraising potential second only to that of Barack Obama. Her similarities on policy positions with Obama was well-documented throughout the campaign, and the "unity" ticket has rhetorical appeal; however, it is uncertain to what extent one is needed to bring the Clinton supporters back to the democratic party-fold. But, the power of the Clinton political infrastructure, even though it was defeated in the primary, cannot be underestimated.
Cons: Clinton's selection would be antithetical to Obama's change mantra in his campaign; moreover, she brings the unique baggage of Bill Clinton, whose presence would threaten a rehashing of the 90s political angst against the democrats. She has a credibility gap with the electorate, and her high negative ratings could energize the republican base around a candidate that they're not otherwise that jazzed about.
Ideological Similarity: 7
Added Electability: 7
Risk: 2
Intangibles: 7
Total: 23


Head Dude said...

Pffttt. Nice speech today, but too little too late. The Clintons still care about one thing -- getting themselves back in the White House, and unless Obama is trailing in the polls by more than 5 points in early August, I certainly hope he doesn't pull the trigger.

Big Daddy said...

Will you be doing the General next? Or are these in order of those who have an actual chance?