Sunday, June 08, 2008

Veepstakes Profile No. 2: Bill Richardson

Pros: Undoubtedly, the biggest reason to select Richardson is his presumed appeal with Latinos and western voters, two critical voting blocs in this election. He is largely seen as the candidate with the charisma to match and complement Obama's on the campaign trial. His prior experiences as Energy Secretary, UN Ambassador and Governor of New Mexico fills noticeable gaps on Obama's resume.

Cons: Though his credibility gap isn't as big as Clinton's, he did at one time claim that he was drafted by two different baseball teams when he wasn't drafted by any. Moreover, as he does not appear to be Obama's intellectual equal, he is more likely to commit gaffes on the campaign trial (telling a LGBT forum that homosexuality is a matter of choice; and not paying attention when a question was asked of him during a particular debate). Finally, according to James Carville, he is most likely to betray you at inopportune times. Whatever, James.

Ideological Similarity: 6

Added Electability: 8

Risk: 7

Intangibles: 7

Total: 28

1 comment:

HD said...

I do sense Richardson is a little slicker than one might like, and perhaps that's why he and Bill used to be such good friends, until Richardson took a principled stand and vote his conscience. There used to be rumors of his womanizing, though that may have been nothing more than internet scuttle.
That said, he's probably my favorite choice if forced to pick a name, but I'm not so swayed that I would be at all disappointed if Obama looks elsewhere (except to Hillary).