Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Veepstakes Profile No. 4: Jim Webb

Pros: The junior Senator from Virginia would serve as Obama's perfect foil for McCain's military resume. Not only does Webb tout a decorated military career and was a former Secretary of the Navy under Reagan, but also has a son who had served in Iraq and will most likely return. Moreover, his anti-war and populist message very much resonates with Barack's message and he carried votes in Virginia, a key state, in 2006. With his roots, Webb would bring some presumed appeal to rural voters who are not predisposed to hop aboard the HopeMobile. As a relative new Senator, Webb would also complement Obama's change message.
Cons: Webb had written some sexist things in the past (many of them in an article titled "Women Can't Fight") and is not seen as a natural campaigner. He would not do much to bring the Hillary supporters back into the fold; and he had also, at one time, called affirmative action "state-sponsored racism"
Ideological Similarity: 6
Added Electability: 9
Risk: 7
Intangibles: 7
Total: 29

1 comment:

Head Dude said...

To me the biggest negatives are the women's issue, which you address, as well as the fact they'd be asking America to elect a ticket with a combined 6 years of Senatorial experience. That may go a little too far on the extreme for people to swallow. I wouldn't be disappointed personally with Webb though, even if I think Biden might be better for the foreign policy aspect.