Saturday, June 21, 2008

Veepstakes Profile No. 5: Ed Rendell

Pros: One of the most effective mayors in this country's recent history, Rendell will bring some stellar executive experience to the ticket's composite resume. His successes in balancing Philadelphia's budget and managing Pennsylvania's will somewhat allay fears generated by the typical GOP smears of Obama being a tax-and-spend liberal. Moreover, picking Rendell will virtually guarantee an Obama win in Pennsylvania - a must have state for Obama's electoral prospects. A former Clinton backer, Rendell may further heal wounds still left from the primary. His popularity with suburban whites may help Obama with that courted demographic.
Cons: Rendell does not bring much-needed foreign policy experience to the ticket. He was also one of the to-the-end Clinton supporters who was on MTP a week before Clinton's concession to tout Clinton's bona fides to a national audience. Rendell, moreover, may not be willing to take a second-fiddle position; and could become a bit of a loose cannon on the campaign trail.
Ideological Similarity: 8
Added Electability: 7
Risk: 5
Intangibles: 3
Total: 23


Big Daddy said...

Where's Sir Wesley Clark?

To quote Samuel L Jackson in Black Snake Moan (not to be confused with Snakes on a Plane)

" I ain't gonn be moved on this. Right or wrong. You gonn mind me"

Head Dude said...

It seems the Dude is saving the foreign policy candidates for last -- Nunn, Hagel (who said he'd consider it this week), Clark, Biden. Actually, maybe you already did Biden.
During the height of the primary race, I thought Rendell might be a good conciliatory pick to the Clinton people, but now that some of the heat from the primary has ended, Obama leads by between 4-15 points, and appears to have a lead in Pennsylvania, I probably wouldn't be as happy about Rendell.