Sunday, June 22, 2008

Veepstakes Profile No. 6: Ted Strickland

Pros: One of the pre-eminent Christian conservatives in the country, the Ohio governor would strengthen Obama's credo with a Christian demographic that has been difficult to reach for democratic candidates. Strickland could bring perhaps the most important state in this election (as it was in 2004) into the Obama camp - as he did for Hillary Clinton in the primary.

Cons: As Strickland's primary focus as governor has been on education and criminal justice issues, he may not complement Obama in the usual connotation of the word. Significantly, Strickland does not tout the foreign policy credentials that may prove critical when running against John McCain. In addition, Strickland is not as ideologically liberal as Obama. Moreover, Strickland has said that he may not be inclined to accept the position if offered.

Ideological Similarity: 5

Added Electability: 8

Risk: 8

Intangibles: 5

Total: 26


Head Dude said...

I don't think the fact he's not as liberal as Obama is a negative -- it's probably a good thing. But as you said, he's already stated publicly he doesn't want the job and would turn it down, and he made a lot of negative public statements about Obama during the primary. Wouldn't be the first time a VP was selected having done that (Bush Sr, for example), but given everything else, probably not likely.

Big Daddy said...

"It seems the Dude is saving the foreign policy candidates for last -- Nunn, Hagel" - Head Dude

Would that I could believe that. But it seems to me that this is the same old tired Dudespin as usual that the people have rejected. I now know how Cindy Sheehan felt as she continually railed outside a Texas ranch for many a day.

I have wondered whether I should continue my role of speaking out against the status quo in the hopes of forming a new type of Dudespin or would that goal be better accomplished by me "opting out"

But I've chosen a different way. To further quote from Black Snake Moan (actually the very next line from my previous quote)
"and Jesus Christ said. Imma suffa you. IMMA SUFFA YOU!!!"

Because when we wonder whether we can run a grass roots campaign that have already changed our values and brought us this far...the answer is

Vero Possumus (Yes We Can)

When we wonder if we can fix the broken system where special interests drown out the voices of the American people ...the answer is

Vero Possumus

When we wonder if we can affect change, change that people can believe in...the answer is

Vero Possumus

The Dude said...

THAT's what hope is.