Monday, July 14, 2008

The End of Billy Packer?

There's no greater lightning rod in college broadcasting than Billy Packer (yes, I think even moreso than Vitale), and now we get word that after 34 years he and CBS finally are parting ways. Frankly, I didn't mind the guy so much other than his blatant mispronounciation of Duke players' names (e.g., Shawn Battier). What I'm a little more confused about is the apparent elevation of Clark Kellogg. I liked him in the studio, and just not sure how it'll work courtside. I guess we'll find out.


The Dude said...

i'm still waiting for the promotion of gus johnson to take over the play-by-play mantle from jim nantz. i could only imagine gus and raftery doing a game.

Gus: Devils down by 2 with the clock winding down, paulus with the ball at the top of key, HE DRIVES, KICKS OUT TO SINGLER, RISE AND FIRE, YEOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! THIS IS MARCH MADNESS.

Raftery: ONIONS!!!

Head Dude said...

Yeah, that pairing would truly be awesome.

Big Daddy said...

Head Dude, you also weren't subjected to him on nearly the level that people here in ACC country have been. As others have said, as celebrations and parade have broken out, it's really about 15-20 years too late, but I'll take what I can get.

I too wonder about Kellogg.

The Franchise said...

I think I'd actually pay money to watch Johnson and Raftery work together on a regular basis!

Big Daddy said...

I was wondering...even after my comments castigating him... now that he's free what about Billy Packer potential running mate for Barack? He has that Cheney-esque dismissive-ness down pat.