Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Giulianis -- the whole family blows!

So Rudy Giuliani's son, Andrew, is suing Duke because he was cut from the men's golf team "without cause". Seriously? Rudy must be flush in cash because a 198-page complaint would take hours and thousands of dollars for a lawyer to draft. He blames Duke for interfering with his efforts to become a professional, but judging by his picture, unless he plans on become the second John Daly, he appears to be interfering with his own efforts. Just makes me take extra delight in the millions Giuliani spent over the past year to win one Florida delegate.

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1 of the only 2 good Chronicle sportswriters said...

Aren't they estranged from each other? Anyway, apparently he interned at the NY Post last summer, and now he's playing as a ringer on their softball team. A co-worker was telling me that he's decent, but he often dives for the ball when he doesn't actually have to. Then during a game Wed., the AP CF made a "hard-but-errant" throw that hit young Giuliani just below the neck and knocked him down.