Thursday, July 10, 2008

Veepstakes Profile No. 7: Al Gore

Pros: Who doesn't love Big Al? After Barack and the Clintons, Gore is the next democrat heavyweight (literally) who will do wonders for firing up the democratic base. He brings a familiarity with the White House and the chops to confront the looming energy crisis.
Cons: In addition to the near certainty that he will decline any vice presidential nod, Al hasn't shone the ability to bring home the votes. He lost his home state of Tennessee in 2000, and his past association with the Clintons could trigger additional Republican angst and doesn't jive with Obama's change rhetoric.
Ideological Similiarity: 9
Added Electability: 7
Risk: 8
Intangibles: 9
Total: 33


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Head Dude said...

Dude, I've noticed you like to use the word "chops" in your profiles. Gore is still my favorite for the top spot and I think would've made a great President. Like you said, no chance he accepts, but I wouldn't be concerned about the "change" argument and ties to Clinton with Gore. Clearly he's his own man, and given his accomplishments since leaving public office, I think he has a change quality about him, mainly because he'd represent such a new era with the environment.
Unfortunately it's all a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

They are not ideological similar - Gore is for single-payer health care, for gay marriage, and, in contrast to Obama's vote today, for protecting the Constitution. Likewise, Al is in favor of much more progressive actions towards solving the climate crisis.

Head Dude said...

Indeed, freed from the shackles of politics, Gore has been able to take what I consider ideal positions on all of the major issues.
And as Big Daddy noted, he's a likelier choice than Jesse Jackson!

The Dude said...

I went ahead with a 9 in that category based on what I hope Obama's policies would be once in office; rather than how his polically-expedient self voted recently. Obama's tortured explanation for why he opposes state-sanctioned gay marriage always troubled me, while his vote for the FISA bill only recently troubled me.

Big Daddy said...

I have to say that "protecting the Constitution" line goes a little too far. The right to privacy is a gray area within the Constitution, while the right to bear arms is clearly delineated in the 2nd amendment. So if anything Obama's "support" for the Supreme Court's decision on the DC gun bans clearly shows his willingness to uphold our dear old Constitution. (said somewhat sarcastically)

I too would have loved Gore as president and would do back-flips if he accepted the VP post. However knowing that both have about the same possibility of happening (him accepting, me being able to actually execute a back- flip) I will continue to dream, while looking elsewhere for a good VP choice.

The Dude said...

"the right to bear arms" is not "clearly delineated in the 2nd amendment." The debate about whether this is an individual right has only recently been settled by a divided SCOTUS.

Big Daddy said...

hence the "somewhat sarcastically" part.

True I'm not a lawyer but even I know the history of US vs Miller 1930s? (I'm a guessing 38, 39 can't remember the exact date) it's vague interpretations, and the subsequent history leading up to and including the most recent case.

I assumed it was common knowledge but I forget sarcasm doesn't quite come across in print.