Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Dude was Right

Before we move too far away from the Olympics and shift ahead to the conventions and football season, I must make one final footnote about the Olympics. Several months ago, I took Mark Cuban's side against the Dude in arguing that the Olympics is primarily about money, especially in the events like men's basketball.

Perhaps, I was blinded by missing much of the last 3 summer olympics, because we were moving across the country in 2004, I was just starting law school in 2000, and in college in 1996. Not since Barcelona had I watched much coverage or paid close attention, but this time I did, and I must say the Dude was 100% right in this debate. Sure, money matters a great deal to NBC/GE, and many athletes like Phelps, Liukin, Walsh/May-Treanor, etc. will benefit handsomely from their performance, but only the most cynical would watch closely and claim that money is the key driver in most cases. Certainly not for Yao or Dirk when they were carrying the flag, or Carmelo tearing up during the national anthem, much less every other sport where only a few will truly have their lives changed by future endorsements.

So it's easy for me to conclude -- Dude, you win that one. Next stop, London!


The Dude said...

bravo! the Olympic spirit endures!

Big Daddy said...

Does SI still have that feature
"This Week's Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us"?