Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Almost Time

DudeSpin, I apologize. But you are right, we need more Airborne coverage.

In my defense, a month ago I tried to set up a kickoff countdown clock, but my technical know-how failed me. I’ve been grappling with insecurities since. But while my game preview has been lacking, I assure you I will be at the game Saturday, and typing up my report at midnight while sipping champagne.

And I won’t be alone. Duke has reported that season ticket sales are up 2500 this year. The tickets arrived last week, and Game 1 is a special extra-large commemorative ticket, sure to become a framed collectible! Big Daddy, if you want to come, I have an extra, but I will have to charge you $500 based on future value.

We’ll be seeing a new uniform and a new attitude. Players have been commenting that they are getting a lot more attention on campus. Lewis said the enthusiasm from his classmates can only compare to the attention after the Northwestern win that ended the most recent version of The Streak.

"Even when you walk around the community you have people telling you that they're coming to the game: 'We're coming to see ya'll play, we're coming to support y’all,” Thad said. “As far as the other years, other people didn't quite say things to you."

He also said that it is easy to be forgotten with basketball and lacrosse. Lacrosse? C’mon!

I’m still very concerned about the loss of Re’quan Boyette. I have been playing the new EA Sports college football game, and they label Boyette as an impact player. In fact, the first time my offense takes the field each game, the ESPN crew wonders if there is any way for the defense to stop this guy. And Sunday night against Marshall, he ran for 133 yards and a score. Losing that will not be easy.

But perhaps so many years have left me too pessimistic. Eron Riley promises a more explosive offense…

“I believe we are going to be much more aggressive and a lot different than you've seen in the past. The offense is all about getting people in a position to positively impact the game - and I think it's a lot more aggressive than we've been in the last few years.”

Duke football without the 3rd-and-long draw? Surely not!

Both Riley and Cutcliffe have pointed out the play of rookie receiver Johnny Williams. Williams was Cut’s first commitment, and when Riley got hurt in practice, he apparently stepped up big time and has impressed people with his hands. On the other side of the ball, look out for hard-hitting freshman DB Matt Daniels.

Gentlemen, falling for the propaganda of Carl Franks and Ted Roof leaves me cautious, but I cannot pretend that I don't love what Cut is doing. We shall see Saturday night!


Big Daddy said...

The Undude returns with AUTHORITY!!!

I admit to being torn by your most gracious offer. The 500$ is chump change when one looks at the opportunity. Here's the dilemma/ conundrum I have.

On the one hand I truly and desperately want to be there for the beginning of the Cutcliffe era.

On the other hand I truly believe that the first game is family time and should only be enjoyed by the people in whose name the tickets were purchased i.e. Mr and Ms(Mrs?) Undude. Call me old fashioned.

Perhaps this could be the next Dudespin poll? If not send me an email Undude to let me know what you think/decide.

Anyway a great post once again but could we expect any less from Dudespin's official eyes and ears for Duke football??!!

The Dude said...

bravo!!! what's even more impressive is that i didn't spot a single obvious spelling or grammatical mistake in that entire post!

wife of undude said...

big daddy, you are more than welcome. undude is just excited that i will attend even one game this season so he can expose our unborn child to the glories of duke football...but he'll have more fun with you along, too, because i apparently spend too much time "backing off."

Head Dude said...

O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!

Big Daddy said...

Hmm the poll was not exactly what I had in mind. Nevertheless I thank wife of undude for her kind, supportive words.

I believe I have reached a decision, however, because I do not want to upstage this momentous and historical night for Obama, I will delay my announcement until tomorrow.

Yes We Can, Except Nate Walsh
(an onion article)

ThadisRad said...

I support Duke with the Family Plan. I have four tickets to each game in an effort to spread the love of the game.

wife of undude said...

i think it's sad that i had to force undude to vote in the poll just to match big daddy's results.

like he said, though, we have four all of us can spend saturday night dreaming of victory. this also means you guys could easily have a dudemania here and ALL attend (i will graciously sacrifice my ticket on that occasion...and not just because my husband finds some of you very attractive in a manly way).