Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Night 2

Hilary speaks ... CNN and MSNBC both uniformly say she hit a home run, preserving her legacy while uniting the party and throwing her support behind Obama. FoxNews says she gave a selfish speech that gave no details about Obama and was a general disappointment. Who's right?
And wasn't the Montana governor Schweitzer the biggest hit all night? He went after McCain like everyone else needs to, but thus far really hasn't.


JayJay said...

So it's the first week of college football and the "Unofficial Home For Duke Football Opinions & Coverage" has posts about:

-The Olympics
-Michelle Obama/Hillary/DNC
-A big picture of Barack
-The Dude being right about something - which can't be true because there would have been a violent rip in the space/time continuum already
-NOTHING on Duke Football

The least you could do to justify Steve Spurrier's imbecilic ranking of Duke Football in the coaches poll is at least pretend to care that the season is about to start.

Head Dude said...

Jayjay does make a good point, which the Dude and I emailed about yesterday. Jayjay, unfortunately our correspondent in Durham (i.e., the Undude) has been silent outside of a few reports from early in training camp and we've let you down.
With a likely 3-1 start looming, our loyal readers should expect more of us. Even with the Olympics and Convention week, there's plenty of room in the blogosphere to hear the latest from Cut and Thad.

Big Daddy said...

I thought Spurrier decided he wasn't going to rank Duke this year, "to preserve the integrity of the poll" or some such nonsense. Or is that what was meant by the "imbecilic ranking" the fact that he didn't do his normal Duke # 25?