Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics LiveBlog 6 (Slightly Delayed)

No Olympics events on this day (August 22), though it was momentous as it was the day that we mounted our assault on the challenging hike on the Great Wall from JingShanLing to SiMaTai - a 10 km trail of the great wall filled with steep ascents and equally daunting descents. We were fortunately greeted by the best weather in Beijing on our trip and I wanted to represent my old professor on the most famous wall in the world - so I put on the Obama 08 shirt. About 30 minutes into the hike however, I realized that I would be regretting putting on the dark t shirt in a few hours. To no one's surprise, the shirt came off about 2 hours later. A 1000 RMB round trip cab fire, a sweat-soaked shirt, a few knick-knacks purchased from enterprising hawkers, and about 5 hours later, we finished one of the most spectacular hikes. As this is a PG-rated blog, I've spared the DudeSpin audience of any pictures of me sans shirt - here's one of the many pictures taken on this remote stretch of the wall that was mostly devoid of other tourists.


ThadisRad said...

I think the dudes would kill for the opportunity to see a shirtless pick of Weitao on the Great Wall!

The Dude said...

i will do so as soon as undude learns spelling and grammar.

wife of undude said...

here's the deal with "undude": he spends massive amounts of time every day with people who never learned the basics of the english language. the other day he confused "write" and "right" in an email to me...i'm so glad you guys are calling him on it, too, or our children might grow up saying THEIR going to throw THEY'RE things at us.