Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympics LiveBlog: Day 3 (also delayed)

* Note: to clarify, I'm only blogging days and times when I'm actually at an Olympics event. To the extent that some of the events seem out of order, that would be the reason.

September 16: Shanghai. Visiting family brought us to Shanghai, and what promised to be a barnburner of a "football" game brought us to Shanghai Stadium for a quarterfinals clash between the Olympic soccer teams of Argentina and the Netherlands. I know nothing about soccer and know of about a handful of active soccer players in the world. And to my surprise, this turned out to be an extraordinarily entertaining event with an avalanche of goals (3) and, best of all, a 14 year-old who, supported by a group of about 20 other Chinese Argentina fans, threw her entire repertoire of English insuits at the soccer "judges" (apparently, "ref" had not made it into her vocabulary just yet). From the simple "F- You Judge" to the more sublime "Are you a professional?" the 14 year-old with a pip-squeeak voice brought her A game. If the dudes had been there, they would have no doubt been giggling the entire game (or match, or set, or whatever they call soccer games!). In the end, the rain stayed away (one day of the 4 we spent in Shanghai in which it did not rain), and Angel Di Maria banged home the game winner near the end of the first extra period to grant Argentina a berth into a semifinal matchup against Brazil (which they won 3-0). The attached photo is of this particularly rowdy group of Chinese Argentine fans.

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