Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympics LiveBlog: Day 4 (Slightly Delayed)

Day 4 promised to be the busiest day on the Olympics schedule for us - the day began with 2 classification games in water polo; followed by all 4 men's basketball quarterfinal games. As dawn broke, however, the day began inauspiciously as one of our neighbors saw my obviously foreigner friend and advised that we go register with the government. I kindly advised her that we would be leaving in 3 days and thus saved us the hassle of going through that mess! Unfortunately, we would not have missed much with water polo, as the two games were "classification" games to determine 7th through 12th places. I'm still unsure of why this needed to be done, but what it meant was that we saw the 4 worst men's water polo teams in the tournament. Fortunately, since we knew nothing about water polo, we detected no mediocrity in the play. We did, however, conclusively determine that China has an extraordinarily bad team, and that the locals love taking pictures with foreigners. Our seat locations for this event was our worst of these Olympics - but of course, better this event than any that actually matters. Of course, what surprised me most of all was that at a water polo match involving Greece, China, Canada and Italy, who do I see in the concession line but some detestable member of the nation dressed up in Papelbon gear.

Another nice and filling $15 lunch for two later, we found ourselves outside of Wukesong Basketball Center for a highlight of these games for us - a full day of men's basketball quarterfinals. Rather than run down the results that everyone knows, here's a couple of things you might not know:
- 99% of Croatian basketball players have names that end in "ic";
- None of them could shoot the basketball;
- Kobe Bryant is really really really really really really popular in China;
- The post-entry pass, however, is not, at least not among the Chinese team's guards;
- Wang Zhi Zhi is really bad at basketball;
- The Chinese love an underdog, as everyone became an Aussie fan by the 4th quarter;
- the Greeks know how to cheer on their team - as the Greek version of the Cameron Crazies brought much life to a thrilling affair between Argentina and Greece;
- Manu is money in international ball.

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Head Dude said...

Dude, it's a shame your odyssey has to come to an end. Who do the locals think should be Obama's running mate? Deng Xiaoping?