Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics LiveBlog: Day 7

So this was it - the final day of our madcap Olympics adventure. We did some shopping in the notorious Ya Show shopping center in Beijing during the day (aggressive shop assistances, fierce bargaining, and ridiculous haggling over 30 cents for a pair of underwear). Around 5, we headed again to the Bird's Nest for our final rendez-vous with arguably the greatest Olympics venue ever. We made sure we had camera batteries fully charged for the occasion.

Though we had seen the US 4x100M relay teams strike disaster twice, the 4x400 meter teams would meet no such misfortune, instead those team struck gold in spectacular fashion. The women's team went first and, behind the legs of Alyson Felix and Sanya Richards, took down the Russians over the last 200 meters in a thrilling race. The men were simply dominant as it led from wire to wire - starting with gold medalist LeShawn Merritt and ending with silver medalist Jeremy Warriner. But this was also a night that we learned that the Scandanavians loved their javelin thrower; the javelin throwers loved to take off their shirts; and Bernard Lagat's dream of a double gold in the 1500m and the 5000m was nothing more than a dream - as he was simply outclassed by the far superior African runners. As the final victory ceremony for the women's high jump concluded, many fans simply lingered on the Olympics plaza, snapping up as many pictures as they can and relishing their last memories of a spectacular Summer Games.

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Anonymous said...

Vic, you made me so jealous that you were at the "Bird's Nest" during the Olypmics...Nice pictures....Any more pictures....