Sunday, August 03, 2008

Practice Starts Tomorrow!

The day before Duke football takes the practice field, the team hosted its annual media day. Among the more notable statements, Coach Cut called out future Heisman candidate Thad Lewis.

Cut: "[His pros are] His sense of timing, throwing into seams and where to lead the ball. But he continues to change his fundamentals. There is an inconsistency of fundamentals and accuracy with the ball. ... To be honest, he hasn't made as good progress as I would have wanted during the spring. None of the team did."

Significantly less offensive was Cut's attack on the kicking game: "People think I'm kidding when I say I'm going to go for it on fourth down. If we don't have a Division I-A level kicking unit, and it's killing me to say that, but we will do it."

The team has lost 400 pounds since January: "I hate to tell them this but there's a whole 'nother level I'm wanting them to get to. My first year at Ole Miss, we had to send 19 guys to get IV fluids after the first practice. I don't want to do that to these guys but that's what I mean about another level."

Lewis described himself as clueless as a freshman, and said he dreaded being the starter heading into last year. This year, he says, is a different feeling. Cut has told Lewis he will not be allowed to wear a cuff with plays written on it as he has done the last two seasons.

Also, if you haven't caught a movie in Durham lately, both main theaters are now airing "We are Duke!" commercials before the previews. I sat in a packed theater before The Dark Knight and was fired up well before The Caped Crusader arrived. And now a whole city will be associating Duke football with Batman, which can't be a bad thing. It should also be noted that the same commercial aired before Wall-E, so young kids are being indoctrinated as well!


Anonymous said...

My first instinct was to do the AI "PRACTICE??!!" routine, but then I youtubed the We Are Duke, and have to admit I'm fired up myself.

Thank you Undude for rescuing the nation of dudespinners from the doldrums that seeminlgy have set in over the past week.

Gotta love Coach C's honesty and frankness about the team from superstars such as Thad on down to the kicking game itself, it's good to know that he has high expectations for all and no one is "safe".

The Dude said...

thanks ThadIsRad... given that I've sworn off watching any movies that are not documentaries, I have no idea what Batman and Wall-E are... but I am hoping to bring some LiveBlogs from Beijing during the Olympics...

Just a brief look at my schedule:
8/13: women's gymnastics team final (also team handball and women's volleyball)
8/14: ping pong, men's volleyball (China v. Japan - a rivalry a bit more pitched than Duke-UNC)
8/20: men's basketball quarterfinals, all games
8/21: track and field (including the most anticipated event of these games in China - the 110 hurdles)
and more!!

anyone doing a liveblog from Denver?

HD said...

The only problem with being so blunt, which I like, is if they start losing, you have to boost the morale at some point. But for now, good to hear honesty.

Thad is Rad said...

If they start losing? That sounds like someone who is backing off...

HD said...

Good point, Dude, I withdraw my comment.