Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts on Day 1?

In a speech that is probably more important than Barack's acceptance speech Thursday night, Michelle Obama really hammered it out of the park.


HD said...

I completely agree on the second part, as to the first, I completely disagree. She did an incredible job, the unscripted family moment was gold, and the emotion women were showing in the crowd was genuine. At the same time, that may make a fraction of voters more comfortable with him -- the majority will only be swayed by what he says Thursday.

It was very important for the country to see that he has a nice, normal American family and a dynamic wife. That still pales to people being comfortable with him as president, which will only come from what people hear out of his mouth -- the ideas, the distinctions from McCain/Bush.

Michelle's speech was a top-five moment of the convention, no question, but I'm not sure after Thursday where it'll stand in comparison to the speeches of Kennedy, Hillary, Bill, and Joe. If for no other reason, people tend to tune in more as the week goes on.

Thad is Rad said...

I feel like none of this really matters. Barack fans will tune in and watch, but do undecided voters really spend a week in August watching and making decisions? I tend to think not.

HD said...

Only about 15 million viewers last night -- not exactly significant given that 120 million may vote.