Friday, September 05, 2008

DudeSpin's Airborne / Obama Challenge!

Boy, I'm fired up after Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain's speeches (probably not the way they intended). So fired up that I'm going to propose a DudeSpin Airborne/Obama challenge!
Here's how it will work: I will set out a list of benchmarks related to Airborne's onfield performance, and pledge to donate a certain amount of money to the Obama campaign based on those benchmarks. Because we just have 2 short months until the election, I'm going to set an October 1 deadline for my pledged amount. Accordingly, the 1st four games on Airborne's schedule (including James Madison) will count towards the Airborne/Obama challenge.

I will pledge:
$50 for each Airborne win;
$25 for each Eron Riley touchdown;
$1 for every 5 yards gained by Riley from scrimmage; and
$10 for every Airborne forced turnover
$1 for every 1,000 fans at Wally Wade (here's how you can help even if you don't sign up for the pledge!)

The tally after the James Madison game [win ($50), 2 Riley TDs ($50), 67 Riley yards ($13); 3 TOs ($30); and 32,571 fans ($32)] is $173. Let's push it past the $500 barrier in the next three games! (Of course, I will update DudeSpin readers on the challenge every week).

Of course, I invite all DudeSpin readers and contributors to devise their own benchmarks for the Airborne Obama challenge. By leaving the benchmarks up to you, you can determine how to devise them to root for your favorite player, and how much you want to contribute. If you're willing to participate in the challenge, simply edit this post to add your benchmarks, or post them in the comments. And even if you can't, you can help by packing in Wally Wade in the next three games. I hope that the forces of DudeSpin can contribute at least $1,000 to the campaign through Airborne. C'mon Airborne, you are the ones we have been waiting for!
Head Dude has pledged to donate $1,300 if Airborne goes 4-0!


The Franchise said...

I am forbidden from contributing any money to any political campaign thanks to state regulations that apply to my job. However, I think this is a fantastic idea and I will get family members to take part, never fear...

ThadisRad said...

Duke Football is better than these partisan politics.

To paraphrase Barack: "There is no black Wallace Wade, there is no white Wallace Wade, there is no Red State Wallace Wade, there is no Blue State Wallace Wade, there is only a United Wallace Wade!"

Head Dude said...

Wal-lace Wade!
Wal-lace Wade!
Wal-lace Wade!

Big Daddy said...

Well said Undude. I too agree that Duke Football is a unifying force (similar to Obama)

Besides no matter how low i set the benchmarks (or is it high) I still wouldn't have enough $$ to contribute. Even if I did 1 buck per win, 50 cent riley touchdown... 1 penny for every fan, i'm looking at dropping minimum 50-100 bucks with Airborne's vaunted attack, swarming d-fense, and fanatic fans.

Nevertheless I did just get paid and I will be making one more donation to the cause.

Big Daddy said...

Oh and thoughts are with you as you have the opportunity to see another Airborne offensive explosion. In fact the only thing that can probably slow them down might be a little thing called Hannah. Any word on what they are thinking of doing. I mean if a little rain/thunder delayed last week's game for 90 minutes, i hate to think what the this might do.

Also, didn't the dude, once upon a time, do football predictions/ previews? Have those gone the way of the 3 and long draw plays???