Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Greatness of TO

While tonight may be more widely seen as a coming-out party for Miles Austin, and a continuation of the Cowboys establishing themselves as the top team in the league (which means nothing three games in), two plays stood out, and they were both made by Terrell Owens, who otherwise had a very quiet night. Neither play involved a catch.

Instead, after Romo's interception into the end zone in the second quarter, Nick Collins threatened to go the distance, and Owens was pushed down at the 10 yard line at the start of Collins' return. But rather than stay down, he got up, turned on the jets, and caught the dude near midfield, saving a possible touchdown that turned into just a field goal.

Soon thereafter, when Felix Jones burst across the line and raced towards the left sideline, first Whitten made a key block, and then it was Owens who provided a one-man convoy, pushing two Packers out of the way to clear the path.

Two years later, Cowboys' fans have embraced the guy because after a rocky first season with Bledsoe, he's managed to become a team player for the most part, and who would've thought he'd be an afterthought compared to Josh Howard in the category of negative sideshows.


Big Daddy said...

Still cost me a win in my fantasy league....... but...point taken

The Dude said...

i'm more concerned with Patrick Crayton's zero catch day

The Franchise said...

I didn't notice T.O. made the block on Felix's run because I was too busy jumping up and down about the run itself. As a devoted follower of the NFL Draft, I have to admit that I was a little irritated when the 'Boys took Felix when Rashard Mendenhall was still on the board. I had reservations because the word was that Felix was not as fast or as big as advertised, and Mendenhall seemed like he could carry the load if Barber went down with injury - always a worry with his aggressive running style.

Lo and behold, Felix has been better than even Jerry Jones could have dreamed so far, providing at least one big play a game. He's shown speed and shiftiness and is a much more drastic change of pace to Barber than Julius Jones was. I still worry that he won't hold up carrying 20-plus times a game if Barber goes down, but that's a moot point right now.

The Dude said...

franchise, still need analysis on patrick crayton's viability as a WR2