Friday, September 19, 2008

Life of Undude

I truly feel like I'm living the life of the undude as I liveblog from a pizza parlor in the shadows of the tdbanknorth boston garden (in boston for recruiting at harvard) reading a boston herald. What do I see but this story in News in Brief.

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School officials say students planning to attend the next home football game must be with a parent because of widespread drinking at the last game. Two kids were hospitalized and seven others were suspended after they were caught drinking last week. Principal John Ritchie called it a "low point," saying many more boozing students did not get caught. He said the rule, which only applies to tonight's game against Hingham High School, sends a message that drinking won't be tolerated.

If only I had the time to attend tonight's Lincoln-Sudbury game!

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Big Daddy said...

Are your parents in town with you to attend the game or is that the real reason you won't be going?