Saturday, September 06, 2008

National title hopes dashed

Bummer. In a reversal of last year, we get a massive advantage in yards and first downs, and unfortunately also in a reversal of last year, we were the ones driving at the end of the game, and thanks to a Cameron Goldberg holding call, unable to convert.
Undude, we'll await your report.


Big Daddy said...

So funny. Your post title is EXACTLY the thought that went through my head as I maddenly watched the last of the livescore updates.

The Dude said...

I do like the fake snap, look over to the bench, resnap twist in Airborne this season. Also, had Eron not gotten hurt in the 1st half, we would have beaten Northwestern by two touchdowns (also the same result had Thad not overthrown open receivers downfield on about 8 different occasions).

The Dude said...

The new Duke 1st down graphic, with the new Blue Devil dragging the 1st down sign and ripping up turf along with it - is AWESOME!