Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Open Letter to the Dude

Dear Dude,

As always, we enjoy all of your posts on DudeSpin, including those where you criticize other dudes for at times expressing honest opinions about concerns related to the candidacy of Barack Obama. And surely, no dude disputes that you were first on the bandwagon and have remained loyal ever since.

However, it concerns me that your actions have not yet matched your large mouth. Yes, you've given money, and the campaign appreciates that. But where do Obama/Biden need you most? As a young lawyer, Dude, we need you at a polling station on election day, protecting the vote in the swing state of Ohio. I will be in Cleveland dude, ensuring that there are no voter suppression tactics going on, and that everyone who lawfully can vote, is given that right.

On several occasions, I have urged you to do the same, and after an initial response that because you were in China, you couldn't take more time off, I've gotten nothing but radio silence. Consequently, I'm now forced to take my plea public. I learned this weekend that while the Obama campaign has been signing up lawyers across the country and assigning them to key battleground states, efforts in Ohio are lagging. Your country needs you Dude -- join me in Ohio. Join me and spend election day at a key polling precinct, ensuring that Americans are able to vote for hope and against the politics of fear and suppression.

And all other dudes, join me in my call for the Dude to take action. Money is generous and necessary, but true change only happens with true action. The nation's eyes are upon you Dude. Answer the call.


H. Dude


Big Daddy said...

,Big Daddy

The Dude said...

This feels like one of those publicity stunts - were you advised to write this post by John McCain?

Head Dude said...

Dude, John McCain doesn't want you setting foot anywhere near Ohio. Barack Obama does.

The Franchise said...

I'd say that this is without a doubt one of the top three posts in DudeSpin history!

Big Daddy said...

So I'm confused now. Does this mean that the Dude truly is not about "change we can believe in?" Was it not the Dude who chastised us saying that we needed to learn from the Republicans by getting the base out? Will the Dude now allow Republicans to continue to use the same old fearmongering and intimidation to keep voters away from the polls? I say NO!

Whatever everyone else may say about him, I say the Dude is better than that. I have the audacity of hope and KNOW that the Dude, being the hero he has always been to me, will rise above the sway and smite down those who attempt to disenfranchise our noble citizens.
I, well frankly,I believe!


Head Dude said...

Dude, other than your predictably-tart response, still no response ... I assume that means you've already signed up?

Big Daddy said...

Good news, McCain is pulling out of Michigan. Now if we can just get him to pull out of the other 49 states.