Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tom Brady

We can't let this one go by without comment.
Couldn't happen to a more despised team.
Undude, your thoughts?


Big Daddy said...

Has Undude gotten out of the fetal position yet to be able to even read this post?

On one hand you never really want to see someone get injured and yet there is that guilty feeling of vindication as well.

The Dude said...

fortunately, his contract and endorsements will still allow him to support his child out of wedlock

Head Dude said...

The Dude abides.

The Franchise said...

My favorite part of the Brady injury? How commentators on ESPN and other places were saying things to the effect of, "It's a sad day for the entire NFL..."

Um, no, it most certainly isn't. While no one (okay, no one with whom I'd associate) would wish a season-ending injury on Tom, and other players may be sympathetic to his plight, I guarantee you not one player on the other 31 teams cried when they heard the news.

And fans of any team other than the Pats aren't sad. We're waiting to see if the Unabomber lookalike on the sideline is really as smart as he thinks he is...

ThadisRad said...


But I am trying to talk myself into the idea that both times Drew Bledsoe went down, plucky young upstarts led their teams to the playoffs. And when Zack Asack cheated, and Marcus Jones got hurt, an unknow freshman by the name of Thad Lewis stepped up and became a legend.

And the Pats' schedule is fairly easy.

And though the defense has been suspect and last year they did nothing but throw the ball, in the not too distant past, the Pats were a really good TEAM and really well coached (or cheaters, however you choose to define the terms).

And Randy Moss loves playing with young, unproven QBs and taking them under his wing.

Thank goodness the Sox are surging, they will be able to distract me for a bit.

You know what, forget everything I just said, and go back to the original statement:


Head Dude said...

Randy Moss likes playing young QBs????
Actually, Moss likes quitting on young, mediocre QBs.

ThadisRad said...

Thank you head dude for mastering the art of reading sarcasm!

Head Dude said...

Given that the rest of your post was literal, I couldn't tell which way you were going.