Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Closing Argument

As Head Dude heads out to Ohio; Big Daddy, Undude, and the Franchise hit the ground in the crucial battleground states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and I head out to do voter protection in Texas - let's all remember what is at stake: the election of a "transformational" candidate in the most important election in our lifetime thus far.

Focus and Finish.


Big Daddy said...

I was at the rally today in Raleigh (just made it to my class with a min to spare mind you)
It was simply amazing, talk about electric. He definitely knows how to work a crowd.

Met this guy whose come in from LA to work the campaign here, said he's been working the campaign since Obama announced. (his wife, who got in a few days earlier, parents live here) and he made this really good point. When you looked around, there were young people, old people, black, white, afro-amer, caucasian, india etc. His point was that you probably would not see these same demographics at a McCain rally.

There were these 2 older afro-american women, (60s) who had come from Fayetteville. They heard he was going to be in Raleigh, at church and they just wanted the opportunity to see him. They were quite happy when I pointed him out, (we were a good distance away, so I couldn't tell you the color of his tie but I could see him)

But as was the motto for the motto for the NAACP (maybe it was just my mom's branch) "The Struggle Continues" I already got friends talking about "wins" but we aren't there yet.

Head Dude said...

Lucky you -- last time Obama set foot in Dallas was late February, mind you it was the last major event in Reunion Arena's history. Bill Clinton just said tonight in Orlando that Obama's crowds represent all of America.

Fortunately the Obama campaign isn't forced to rely on the Dude to help it carry a swing state.

The Dude said...

Have you ever seen the crowds at a McCain/Palin rally? it's like an Abercrombie catalog

Big Daddy said...

Exactly the point, Dude, exactly the point. And yeah Head Dude you're right I definitely was lucky ,but not as lucky as a former student of mine. She was in Chicago for the summer interning at Northwestern. Anyway the apartment she was at was in Hyde Park and it has a gym that's attached to it. She goes to work out one night and all of a sudden Obama comes in with some secret service peeps, and he works out. She found out later that that's one of the places he works out when he's in town. She didn't see him again but still.

Nevertheless I'll take the atmosphere of a rally any day.