Saturday, October 04, 2008

From Hero to Zero

I'll let others weigh in as well, but here's the long and short of Duke's disappointing loss: the offense couldn't do anything, and the defense employed an effective bend-but-don't-break approach in the first half that kept things close. Finally in the third quarter still trailing just 3-0, while Duke was in the midst of 4 straight three-and-out possessions, Georgia Tech got a questionable pass interference call on third and long from Duke's 25 that spurred their first touchdown, and from there the rout was on as Duke's defense was exhausted and getting no relief from the offense. Georgia Tech got a few long runs and an 88-yard pass play for the final touchdown.

I thought the overall team speed on defense was very good, and though they could've given up a few more scores in the first half, they held tough and gave the offense numerous chances to overcome the 3-0 deficit. But Thad had no magic on this Saturday.

Ramblin' Wrecked, we might've once said.


Big Daddy said...

As I said earlier I don' get the U, so I'm depending on the 'Spin for analysis. Was this a case of believing the hype or the fact that the team reached Dudespin's Obama goal so quickly that Thad and crew felt it could mail it in?

Head Dude said...

To be honest, Duke's offense looked as inept as it has in prior years -- you knew every run was going for about a yard, every pass under 5 yards might be completed, every pass over 10 yards stood little chance, and it was your classic run-run-pass-punt offense.
The interesting will be to see how Duke improves, since they'll be the underdog for the rest of the schedule.
At 3-0, you thought just maybe we could put together a nice drive and score, get the pressure on Tech, and then ride the defense to the upset. But going three and out every possession is a recipe for eventual disaster. No defense can stay out on the field close to 40 minutes and not get beat up.
We get a nice bye week now and can rest up for what appears to be a beatable Miami team.

Big Daddy said...

Hmm, not a good week then for the Dudespin teams. Cowboys got it off to a raucous start losing to the Redskins and Duke finishes it with a lose to GT.

I agree it will be interesting to see how the team (and the fan base) responds.

The Franchise said...

The fan base is going to respond by returning to not caring.

Except here at DudeSpin, of course!

The Dude said...

lest we forget, it was a great week for one DudeSpin team - and the most important one at that: Team Obama!

Big Daddy said...

Ahh but I think this serves as a warning to Team Obama. You can't rest on your laurels and believe the press clippings. Just because you're up now doesn't mean they are gonna roll over for you, you have to fight to and through the end.

Let's hope he learned the lesson better than the previously mentioned Dudepsin teams.