Monday, October 06, 2008

Most Embarassing NFL franchise?

If you had to pick one, wouldn't it be the Houston Texans? Especially after this debacle?


The Dude said...

can someone name me a former Texan who has been caught in a hotel room with strippers and coke? or in a van with hundreds of pounds of marijuana?

The Franchise said...

I know this thread is mostly so you guys can jab each other. If it wasn't, you'd surely agree that the two most embarrassing franchises right this second are the Rams, who haven't even shown up for a game this season, and the Raiders, who will continue to be a sham until Al Davis passes away or is declared mentally unsound to continue as owner.

Big Daddy said...

Are we distinguishing between "franchise" vs team? If not then wouldn't you throw the Chiefs in there for teams?

What about Detroit for franchises or does finally giving Millen the boot give them a little reprieve?