Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Move Over Southern States: PA Declared Officially Racist

I can tell you firsthand that some parts of my home state are a little... how should I put it... unenlightened. But long-time Democratic Representative John Murtha just came right out and said that Obama will lose a few percentage points here because "western Pennsylvania is a racist area."

Not a very tactful statement, but I'm sure when I'm as old as Murtha I'll just say the first thing that comes to my head too. I guess it's slightly encouraging that he still thinks Obama will carry the state.

It bears repeating in this context that sad as it may be, these undertones could have been enough to swing a close election if current headlines weren't so gloomy. Thank God the economy sucks so bad it's helping people get past their racism!


Big Daddy said...

Interesting. I always felt I had to fill up before I got to WVA, so there would be absolutely no need to stop. I never felt such way in PA but then i don't think i was too often in W PA (pittsburgh i know is western but not west I think right)

Well I'll add that to my list of fill up before entering states. The Delta, Idaho, WVA, and now Western PA

It would be sad if this turned PA to mccain but i'm not sure how much damage this really does.

SportsGal said...

There must be something about our conference room that just begs politicians to proclaim how racist PA is (see Rendell, Ed). And yes, big Daddy, Pittsburgh is pretty much the definition of Western Pa.

Head Dude said...

Idiot Murtha. When you're ahead by 12-15 points in a state, don't antagonize them!