Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Asack Line

On the bright side, Zach Asack completed 2/3 of his passes today. On the not-as-bright side, 4 of his 6 completions were to Virginia Tech cornerbacks. Wasn't he highly-touted when Duke signed him? The Hokies have a good defense, and the offensive gameplan probably didn't give him much chance, but he was given the opportunity to win the game in the last five minutes and made a terrible decision on a deep ball, which was exacerbated by the fact he underthrew it by about 5 yards. I guess it for now removes thoughts of a quarterback controversy heading into next year.
The defense played extremely well, and put the offense in good field position multiple times by creating 5 turnovers.
Perhaps UNC is vulnerable next week after what happened against State today, but otherwise the season certainly ends with a whimper.


Big Daddy said...

I was following along on the tracker, and saw we stopped them on third with a minute plus left. I went into the other room to check on the food I was cooking. I came back in thinking "allright, this is do-able, we can still pull this out" only to immediately see the 14-3 score on my computer. "did they go for it on 4th?, what the heck" were the thoughts going through my head, but then I saw, no, it was simply another pick.

I think UNC's loss this week makes them less vulnerable not more (obviously they were overlooking state as they were thinking about us right?) but it would be a good end to really when we think about it was a fairly successful season.

The Dude said...

Asack can't even cheat correctly, let alone throw passes correctly.

ThadisRad said...

"At least for now" ends the controversy? I know I'm biased, but the "Asack should start" argument is about as weak as, well, a Zach Asack deep ball.

And while Asack certainly didn't inspire much confidence in the passing game, what happened to the wide receiver screens and other short passes that make up such a huge chunk of our game plan? Only four passes in the first three quarters? Unless we had Barry Sanders in the backfield, that strategy makes it tough to win.

Kudos to the defense for an outstanding game!

And while we're certainly limping toward the finish line, I think the sweet ringing of of the Victory Bell would make us all feel a lot better.

The Franchise said...

Yep, considering what we've endured over the past, well, more than a few seasons, I'd say a few wins and a victory over UNC would make this season a success.

Now next season on the other hand...

The Dude said...

Next season is Thad's Heisman season.