Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heisman Time

All year long we've talked about Eron Riley for the Heisman, but ever since the Obama challenge ended, it's like he's had nothing to play for. Thad is quietly leading the ACC in passing yards, and some votes this year would help pave the way for the campaign next year. But my vote's going to Michael Tauiliili, the nation's fifth-leading tackler. I know the award rarely goes to defensive players, but is this not the year for political change? Poor Bob Harris has to say this name 11 times a game, and it's about time the nation learns it too.

So DudeSpiners, let's honor this senior (and Houston native), by casting your Heisman vote today!


Head Dude said...

I can get onboard with that -- the question is, can we vote him in enough times to get him on the list? Right now, it would take 87. Be sure to spell the name right, DudeSpin readers, so it'll work.

Big Daddy said...

I assumed Undude spelled it right (no wisecracks Dude) and just copied and pasted.