Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bassy Returns!!

No, Sebastian Telfair isn't returning to the TimberWolves starting lineup!!

But, Airborne great Vince Oghobaase is returning to Duke for his senior season. Can you say, Lombardi Trophy?


ThadisRad said...

And on top of that, Coach Cut was signed to a two year extension. A good week in Durham!

Head Dude said...

I'm glad Undude raised the point -- here's my thought: was an extension for Cutcliffe really necessary after just one season? What happens if we regress next year? Since Cutcliffe ruled out interest in other jobs, it doesn't look like he needed an incentive to stay.
In my mind, let him win 6 games next year, and then consider an extension.
Perhaps I'm just a little more jaded, but we've all seen a string of coaches come through Durham and build excitement the first season, only to fall back to the bottom rungs quickly. "They" say this time it's different, but I'm a little more cautious.