Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!

This blog have been obviously a bit slow lately, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish our own Head Dude and all of DudeSpin's Jewish readers a Happy Hanukkah! Although he is a bit slow (and sometimes entirely foregetful!) in replying to text messages sent during Cowboys games, Head Dude has been a rock for this blog since its inception a few years - always quick to lend his insight, comment, wit, and reminder of the various transgressions of various Houston athlete. So to our dearest friend and co-blog author Head Dude & family, have a happiest of Hanukkahs!


The Franchise said...

I second this. Happy Hanukkah!

Allow me to share a verse from a song I sang as a grade schooler that celebrates the season:

Hanukkah, Hanukkah
Fesitval of lights!
Candles glow, in a row
Seven days, eight nights.
Hanukkah, Hanukkah
Let your dreidel spin.
Round and round, round and round
Everyone join in!

So either I captured the spirit of the holiday or I just insulted Head Dude and our Jewish readers!

The Dude said...

BTW Head Dude, I'm still waiting for your response to my last text after the Cowboys game this weekend: "Quoth the Raven: Playoffs Nevermore"

Head Dude said...

To Franchise, I say, it is an accurate verse ... though all elementary schools seemed to choose very dry Hanukah songs by comparison to the more melodic Christmas ditties.
To the Dude, I say, not so fast! With the NFL moving the Cowboys to a 3:15 kickoff, Philly will be eliminated by then and likely deflated. But I'm sure you took delight in the back-to-back Raven running plays.

Diane said...

I like how The Dude is sometimes a Cowboys fan and sometimes a Cowboys hater. It keeps life interesting!

ThadisRad said...

Well, since my grammar is always being mocked, let me turn the tables...

This blog have been? Really, Dude?

And I should also point out "wherefore" means why, not where, so your previous post is also a blunder. Unless you meant: Why are you Airborne? But we all know the answer is because of Thad's arm, so that doesn't make any sense.

Head Dude said...

And the Undude closes out the year with a bang!

The Dude said...

so drink your gin and toni-ca; and smoke your marijuani-ca;
if you really really wannika;
have a happy happy happy happy Hanukkah