Friday, January 02, 2009

DudeSpin welcomes 2009!

Well, another year in DudeSpin's annuls have come and gone. Although many will remember 2008 as a year where our markets cratered, our homes were foreclosed, and many lost their jobs, but it's fair to say that DudeSpin will remember 2008 fondly as the year that America embraced change and elected a potentially transcendant President in Barack Obama; a year that Head Dude and the Franchise embraced change by welcoming new members to their clans; and the year that the Dude returned to the homeland for a spectacular Olympic games. So without further adieu, DudeSpin presents a look back at the year in posts in DudeSpin!

- 1/3: A definite harbinger of things to come as Barack Obama wins the lilly-white Iowa primary;
- 1/8: The dudes add $1,000 to Obama's coffers after disappointment in New Hampshire;
- 1/18: The Cowboys season goes down in flames after a Romo-Simpson tryst in Cabo;
- 1/27: In the least surprising post of the year, DudeSpin endorses Barack Obama;
- 1/28: One of the worst Presidents in history delivers his final State of the Union - a cause for celebration, and a DudeSpin LiveBlog!

- 2/3: David Tyree punches Undude in the gut;
- 2/5: After Super Tuesday, Head Dude opines that "The biggest concern at this point is not letting the delegate deficit get too far away." Little did we know that the Obama freight train was about to take off;
- 2/19: The Dude attends a massive Barack rally in the Toyota Center in Houston, exclaiming, "With a victory in Wisconsin in hand, and March 4 circled on our calendars, there are 3 words that ring out in our efforts to deliver Texas to Barack - 'Si Se Puede!!'" That we did, at least when counting delegates.
- 2/22: A reason not to hate the University of Texas?

- 3/6: Ricky Time! will get you in a brand new car with no money down!
- 3/16: The Rockets finish off one of the most unlikely winning streaks in NBA history;
- 3/18: The Race Speech in Philadelphia, one of the turning points in the primary campaign;
- 3/23: The Undude with a hilarious Easter greeting from the buckle of the Bible Belt!
- 3/24: The Vision with its now annual March flame-out!

- 4/5: Broadway is Dark Tonight!
- 4/19: Airborne takes flight in the Spring Game. In a brilliant photo-journal, the Undude gave us this hint of the season to come: "Zack Asack looked good, and his Blue team moved the ball better than Thad's White team." The picture of Duh-cenzo adjusting his pants remains a classic.
- 4/23: Barack balls with Alison Bales; see video here;
- 4/26: The Franchise rolls out his Mock Draft, some highlights and lowlights: (1) advising the Falcons to take Matt Ryan, they did, and the rest is history; (2) waffling over whether the Ravens should take Brian Brohm or Ryan, but not a peep about Joe Flacco; (3) calling the Panthers' pick of Jeff Otah, reasoning "Panthers will let DeAngelo Williams take a crack at the feature back role and find someone already on the roster to spell him;" bingo; (4) saying about Rashad Mendenhall, "Mendenhall will be an immediate fan favorite" (5) correctly calling the Boys' pick of Felix Jones.
- 4/30: The Dudes and Big Daddy collectively write the obituary on the Little General and the Mavericks' run at glory;

- 5/14: The Franchise treks to the Big D to take in NHL playoff action with Head Dude, and something about Modo!!
- 5/29: A classic photo of Reggie Love, the President-Elect and Chris Duhon;

- 6/2: Obama clinches the nomination with Jeff Russell bolting down the save!
- 6/7: A short-lived Veepstakes Profile series that never quite got to Joe Biden;
- 6/12: The Dude takes in a fundraiser with David Axelrod;
- 6/17: The Committee celebrates another title for Beantown, this time - the Boston Three Party;
- 6/18: Head Dude and the Dude get into it over the Olympic Spirit; like always, the Dude was proven to be right

- 7/12: Perhaps the best Veepstakes Profile, Shane Battier;
- 7/24: Apparently, being despicable runs in the Giuliani family;

- 8/13-8/24: The Olympics LiveBlogs;
- 8/26: Stop the Presses! Head Dude admits that he's wrong!
- 8/28: Obama's Nomination Speech LiveBlog;
- 8/29: McCain picks Caribou Barbie, among the DudeSpin reactions: Dude: "this is a roll of the dice for sure;" Franchise: "I think this may have been the best candidate for McCain and company to cover as many angles as possible;" but perhaps Undude had the best react; "I think this has a chance to backfire on him. I hope Democrats or freethinkers can label this as a blatantly political maneuver. It reeks to me as a blatant attempt to get Hillary voters, and he basically chose a woman for the sake of choosing a woman. I think if voters (men and women) see that, it could make McCain look like a shameless politician who picked someone to play a political game, rather than pick the person he thought was best for the job."
- 8/31: Airborne debuts with a win over JMU and a brilliant LiveBlog from the Undude, which introduced us to Crazy Sweaty Guy

- 9/5: the Dude rolls out the Airborne/Obama Challenge;
- 9/7: Airborne's National Title dreams die with last second loss to Northwestern;
- 9/13: Eron Riley earns much-needed bucks for Bama in a win over Navy;
- 9/21: Head Dude getting a bit too excited, a bit too early about, what I think, was a Terrell Owens block; what was most hilarious was Head Dude's comment that this was "a continuation of the Cowboys establishing themselves as the top team in the league"
- 9/26: First Presidential Debate goes off despite McCain's tomfoolery, the Dude picks up on McCain's petulant old man meta-narrative.
- 9/27: Duke snaps long ACC losing streak against UVa - unfortunately, that would be about it for the highlights as Undude continues to dream of oranges; and earns a total of $565 in the Airborne/Obama challenge!
- 9/30: Head Dude takes to the public airwaves to get the Dude to Ohio;

- 10/15: The Undude strikes again with a hilarious picture recapping the 3rd and final debate;
- 10/18: Airborne trounced by Miami, but Big Daddy is re-introduced to the world as the Ricky Time Guy!
- 10/19: The BoSox bows out of the playoffs, and more inter-Dude spats ensue;
- 10/31: Head Dude debuts little Evan in the Blog;

- 11/4: Jubilation!
- 11/30: Controversy and censorship strike DudeSpin as the Dude descends on Durham;
- 11/30: Airborne's season quietly comes to a close amidst a freezing drizzle at Wally Wade;

- 12/29: Given that DudeSpin 2008 began in January with much public bickering over the Cowboys' early exit, it ends on a similar note.

Well DudeSpin readers, I hope you enjoy this year-end retrospective as much as I've enjoyed putting it together. Although our posts slowed down at the end of the year after the excitement of Change wound down, I am confident that 2009 will see a rebirth of DudeSpin. How could the blog not come back alive with the following things in store for 2009?

- more UTexas wining;
- the Undude's welcoming of a new member to the household;
- more Vision and Journey disappointments;
- the Franchise and the Dude's LiveBlog from Wrestlemania;
- Potential LiveBlogs from Vegas in fall of 2009;
- Obama's 1st 100 days;
- Rockets, Nuggets and Celtics playoff runs;

Si Se Puede.


Head Dude said...

Marvelous job in encapsulating the year in Dudeland.
Even if you used half-quotes where available to make me look foolish (e.g., discussing my mid-September comment that the Cowboys were establishing themselves as the best team in the league, but omitting the second half of the sentence where I said it meant nothing after three weeks).
But in what is sure to become a point of emphasis over the next three months, a glance at the standings today shows that three dude teams are all tied in the loss column in the NBA standings ... and only one of them is prone to the sort of season-ending injury that would knock them down to 9th place. Look out Rockettes! 2009 may not be so kind.

ThadisRad said...

Well done, Dude. Well done. My only complaint is that you forgot to preview that in 2009 DudeSpin will become the headquarters to the "Thad for Heisman" campaign. And we'll of course be there for yet another Run for the Oranges.