Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why the NHL is crazy

I came across a story today where Alex Ovechkin was added to the NHL all-star roster. That's strange I thought - I don't know much about hockey, but i do know that Ovechkin is one of the two best players in hockey (along with Sidney Crosby, I think). How is it that he needed to be added as a reserve. Then i learned that various voting shenanigans put four players from the host Canadians on the squad. Hey NHL, way to de-legitimize an event that had no legitimacy in the first instance. How did your sport's best player not even get voted in?


The Franchise said...

I would be outraged by this year's questionable voting procedures except I know that the NHL All-Star Game is already a meaningless, all-offense affair a la the NBA All-Star Game. Come to think of it, all All-Star Games are becoming increasingly irrelevant except for the MLB's... and most players and fans hate the change that made that one matter.

The NHL's signature event is now unquestionably the Winter Classic, which was even more awesome this year than in 2008.

Head Dude said...

Um Dude, doesn't Yao get voted as a starter based on China's internet voting even when he's injured for the season (like last year)?