Saturday, February 14, 2009

Airborne's Schedule Released

First off, I'm disappointed DudeSpin did not congratulate two former Blue Devils for key plays during the Super Bowl. Former tight end and transfer/traitor Ben Patrick scored Arizona's first TD of the game, and then Pittsburgh's Patrick Bailey made a nice tackle on the kickoff following the safety.

But that is the past, and at DudeSpin, we always look forward. So here's a look at next year's schedule...

12 -- at Army
19 -- at Kansas
26 -- N.C. CENTRAL (Homecoming)

10 -- at N.C. State
17 -- Open
24 -- MARYLAND (Parents' Weekend)
31 -- at Virginia

7 -- at North Carolina
21 -- at Miami

Quick thoughts: Finally Duke schedules a smart homecoming game! I mean, I know at Duke no game is guaranteed and we always lead the league in homecomings scheduled against us, but it has always driven me crazy to see the likes of Miami and Virginia Tech on the homecoming schedule. Bring on Central... I'm also saddened to see that they have moved the Victory Bell game so it no longer closes the season. I certainly understand that the "rivalry" hasn't been all that intense on the gridiron, and it does make more sense to end things with UNC-State, but in seasons when bowl eligibilty was lost, the bell was always a nice consolation prize to play for. Of course, the ACC is probably recognizing that Coach Cut is creating the next Wake Forest and wants to establish this as a rivalry for the ages. I can't blame them for that... Like last year, the schedule starts off easier than it finishes, but I don't think the two halves are quite as lopsided as last year (though one can never really tell, given the rather unpredictable and disappointing way of ACC football).

Dudes, what say you?


The Dude said...

what is the official reason for not scheduling Duke-UNC last?

ThadisRad said...

I assume the reason is that as far as in-state football rivalries go, UNC-State is much bigger.

The Dude said...

Sounds like bulletin board material for Coach Cut. Also, can someone examine what is wrong with the Vision?

Head Dude said...

To be successful, the two most important things any basketball team needs is a floor leader and inside presence.
Duke has neither. Just like the last two years, it masked those deficiencies as long as it could. I still think this team can get to the second weekend; it may have the same team as last year, but at least is more experienced. And then you'd hope for a bracket-busting upset that clears our path.
Incidentally, I've hoped for the same the last two years.

wife of undude said...

you guys are so lame lately. where are all the new posts? some of us like to stalk the site while sitting at home with a kid asleep in one arm. come on, dudes, be kind and get blogging.

Head Dude said...

There indeed has been a dearth of activity, but with the new privacy restrictions placed on Undude's life, we're just not sure anymore what we can post on the blog.

The Ricky Time Guy said...

Seriously this is pretty pathetic. I live vicariously through you guys and needless to say that life pretty much sucks (oops, sorry but I guess that can be deleted out/censored right?) right now.

I say, has Dudespin lost its edge?

Maybe this will spark a little of the old verve.

Anonymous said...

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