Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DudeSpin Returns!

Sorry for the prolonged absence - which is solely attributable to us, and none other. Given that we've left our readers feeling quite deserted over the last month, I am going to provide a smattering of thoughts on various Dude topics in the past month.

- Congrats to the Cooler Sports Gal, who is expecting twins sometimes this year;
- Jon Stewart - Jim Cramer, the most extraordinary 20 minutes of television in recent memory;
- Journey v. Texas in the regional final would be the most deliciously anticipated women's basketball game in Duke history, too bad it will not happen;
- Pudge to Houston? I'm just hoping that he brought his roids with him!
- Bob Knight is an idiot - CBS should have publicly reprimanded him after that assinine women shouldn't be on the men's tournament selection comment;
- I stayed in the Journey team hotel in Greensboro two weeks ago for a wedding, and the Journeyers were generally frolicking in the lobby seemingly at all times of day! Brought back some old memories of covering the Journey;
- Undertaker will keep his perfect streak at Wrestlemania going against HBK;
- Barack is doing well, and if he keeps this up, the economy should slowly revive;
- The ball is tipped, and there you are; you're running for your life, you're a shooting star...


HD said...

Instead of the women vs. Texas, we may have to settle for the men vs. Texas, which I think we'll win but still makes me sick to my stomach given the outside possibility of getting knocked out by Texas.
At least UNC fans will be faced with having to decide whether they can cheer against Duke and cheer for the only man in America they hate more than K -- Rick Barnes.
I'm surprised the women got a 1 seed. I'm surprised the men didn't get more consideration -- they ended up #1 in RPI and #1 in strength of schedule. seems like a pretty good combination to me, as opposed to UConn, and their #8/#30 split.

Anonymous said...

I think the two losses to UNC and not having the chance to mitigate that in the ACC tourney doomed them for #1 consideration.

After all UNC was going to get a 1, and you simply HAD to have 3 Big East teams, so you couldn't bump UNC.

Welcome back Dudespin